2011 Program Results

2011 Giving Back Program Results

Our success is attributed to our committed employees, contractors and clients who helped us achieve our goal!

Goals should always be set beyond your ability and your grasp.  Make sure to join us in creating a greater impact in 2012.

2011 Program Results | $235,000+ IN TOTAL COMMUNITY IMPACT!
Package 1,000,000+ 346,755+ meals for world hunger in partnership with Stop Hunger Now. With your help we will complete this goal in 2012!
$30,000 $33,228 in cash grants/donations to non-profit organizations.
Issue in-kind consulting service grants totaling $50,000 $59,250 to qualified non-profit organizations.
Provide reduced rate consulting services for all qualified non-profit clients valued at over $40,000 $58,000.
Raise $200,000 $85,000 in additional funds to assist non-profit organizations in crisis.
Added Q4-2011!  $40,000+ $43,750 in Customer Challenge Grants in partnership with Stop Hunger Now.
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